I had the best time traveling with Richa. She is a very thoughtful and empathetic individual, qualities you definitely want from your tour guide. Aside from doing a great job showing us all the beautiful attractions that were in our planned itinerary, but she also made time to show us the more ‘fun’ and local side of the place and culture. 

Wayne Leung

Definitely would recommend this lady to take you traveling throughout India. Richa takes so much care of her guests, Aussie’s, Kiwis, Canadians and Brit’s you will love this lady for her insight to what travelers from our countries need and want in a holiday and adventure balancing experience and safety.

Celeigh Midolo

Not only is she a great guide, but also one of the most inspiring women I have ever met.

Magdalena Guzman Lavin

This lovely lady helped me enjoy my travels through India. Very helpful and always a good time!

Shannon O'Connor