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The Sikkim Spectacle


Wellness & Healing

India is a country which gives you places where you can retreat to reboot 
yourself. Travel With Richa offers you this unique itinerary to rejuvenate your body and mind.


Royal Retreat

India is a country of kings and dynasties who had lived centuries in luxury that takes us by awe even today. Travel With Richa, with this spectacular itinerary, not only shows you how they lived but also makes you live their luxury.


Culture Canvas

Nobody can ever tell you how many cultures you will find in India: just
innumerable. Travel With Richa, in association with Footloose Magazine, takes
you places where you listen to folk music, move in traditional attire, eat local
cuisines and live the life of that culture.


Social Welfare

Do you travel for a selfless purpose? Do you travel to learn and spread
knowledge and inspire more people to work towards the betterment of the
society? Travel With Richa offers you social welfare tours to get you involved in
making yourself important in a needy person’s life.


Food Trail

India is a land of cultures and with cultures, come cuisines. Travel with Richa
will ask you what you are looking for (tea or coffee trails, kebab trails, biriyani
trails and local beer trails) and then design and take you on a trail of that
cuisine, thus drowning you in your food fantasies.

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